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                 There is always something exciting to look forward to
          at the club.
                 This month, we anticipate another great Kentucky
          Derby Party. We look forward to a good barbecue dinner,
          mint juleps, costumes and hats, choosing the winning
          horse, watching the race and then playing in a good game
          of bridge.
                 Next month, it will be exciting to play in the Worldwide
          Pairs game on Friday June 7, and Saturday June 8. You
          will be able to watch how your scores compare, hour by
          hour, with those of others playing the same hands throughout
          the world. At the end, you will know, board by board, where
          you placed.
                 There is always something. But I think that what most
          people look forward to is the chance to play some bridge
          with friends, both old and new. That is what the club is all
                 We look forward to seeing you often at the club.

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