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               One the most inherently beautiful aspects of bridge is the
        partnership element. The true expert nurtures his partner; he
        anticipates any problems that his partner is likely to have and, if
        necessary, takes control. Cover up West and South’s cards on this
        deal, and see if you can replicate East’s defense:

                   North Deals
                      N-S Vul

                        ♠432                                       ♠J9

                        ♥QJ109                                  ♥A872
                        ♦Q1053                                 ♦AK42

                        ♣52                                        ♣943

          West North East  South
                  1♣  Pass    1♠
          Pass  2♣  Pass    3♠
                                               ♣ K8
          Pass  4♠  Pass  Pass

               North-South have a good auction to 4♠ in which South shows
        six ♠s and a game-invitational hand with his 3♠ bid; North accepts the
        invitation with his golden ♠Q and West leads ♥Q.
               Declarer plays low from dummy, you as East play ♥8 as an
        encouraging signal for partner to continue ♥’s, and partner follows
        by leading ♥J. Declarer plays low from dummy a second time. Your
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